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RCO Systems, Inc. - Sentinel-IT

We understand your frustrations!

Many businesses today require maximum network uptime, but typically don't have the resources necessary to build the infrastructure, perform proper preventive maintenance, or provide ongoing monitoring themselves.

We're your IT Business Partner, we can help you concentrate on doing what you must do to run your business while we take care of the technology issues!

Small and medium businesses are continuing to scrutinize IT budgets. Service quality demands are at an all-time high and the Internet has revolutionized the way organizations are conducting business. This Internet connectivity has also presented us with an opportunity to provide a higher level of support at an affordable price. We use advanced technologies to provide the best in remote network monitoring, security, management and onsite preventive care to critical network devices. When a problem occurs, our center can recognize it and initiate troubleshooting procedures using certified support engineers. We will provide remote or on-site service until the problem is resolved, and will provide you with monthly reports of issues detailing how they were managed!

    RCO Systems and Sentinel-IT address these changes by:
  • Monitoring the critical health status of devices and applications
  • Implementing security "best practices" across multiple points of exploitation
  • Remotely diagnosing problems before they occur
  • Providing capacity planning reports for informed IT purchasing and budget decisions
  • Providing strong service management methodology
  • Minimizing network downtime that causes lost productivity
  • Providing a team of experienced IT professionals focused on providing proactive care

Sentinel-IT provides superior support for your network!

  • Secure: The newly added Sentinel-IT Security Event Manager collects, analyzes and escalates critical security data to ensure a comprehensive and proactive security solution.
  • Monitor: Monitoring of your network infrastructure has become as important and business critical as monitoring the security of the assets on your premises. Both should be outsourced to an expert.
  • Manage: Our "Managed Services" model delivers IT services on a 24x7 proactive basis. The result: you pay monthly for IT service and support you need based on agreed upon business expectations.
  • Optimize: There will always be a limit to IT budgets. That is why it is important for us to help you save money by maximizing the use of your technology. Quite simply, our goal is to help you accomplish more with less!

We have several programs available!

  • Managed - The finest, most comprehensive support available. For one set monthly fee, your entire network is supported with consistent monthly updates of security patches to servers and users, virus signature checks, and backup system checks. The list of processes we perform each month is too large to include here, but as a part of this service all issues with managed devices or users are covered at no additional charge to you! We can even include hardware replacment, so that no matter what the issue there will be no additional charges whatsoever! Also, after-hours support is available at an additional charge!
  • Premium - Provides the same monitoring as in the Managed program, but is not all-inclusive, as it includes a pre-determined number of on-site visits with after-hours support as an option.
  • Standard - Monitoring only. Perfect for organizations that wish to have their own internal support personnel monitor the systems. We’ll provide your support personnel with the same "dashboard" we would see, and alerts will be forwarded directly to them.
  • Please contact us now for more information!

    Poorly secured networks are hard to manage, while poorly managed networks are hard to secure!