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RCO Systems, Inc. - Remote Backup

Remote Backup simply means that you never have to worry about protecting your important files again!

For a reasonable fee, all types of businesses are entrusting their encrypted data to travel across the Internet and find storage in a remote location. Remote backup has advantages over traditional backup solutions, its security features are often better than most in-house data security, and it can mitigate risks and threats to your critical data. Typical backup and recovery plans can be expensive to invest in - there’s the cost of hardware, the cost of the software, and the cost of hiring trained employees to handle the process. In addition there is the time, which equals cost, of performing the backup process. Depending on the amount of data your company warrants as critical to backup and the amount of data you generate on a daily basis the time for backup can be extensive. Online remote backup can reduce these costs dramatically. Backups happen automatically and without user interaction over the Internet. Your files are stored on a secure data storage network and protected using multiple levels of encryption. Recovering lost files is just as easy as backing up - they can be restored with just a few clicks!

Remote Backup Features:

  • Full backup of System States and Server Data
  • Daily Incremental Backups over the Internet
  • 30 Revisions of files kept over time
  • Password Protected (and encrypted) Backup and Restore
  • Server located in local facility
  • Facility is protected against fire and power interruption
  • Your backup is Offsite

Remote Backup Benefits:

  • Quick Restore for Servers
  • Does not require full backup every night
  • Files are kept so that you can choose which revision (up to 30) to restore
  • No one can get to your data without a username and password
  • RCO has local access to this data for quick restores in case of emergency
  • Your data is protected from fire, flood, and power outage
  • Your data is secured away from your office

Remote Backup Pricing:

  • Starting as low as 39.00/Month depending on storage requirements!

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