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Forget Dealing With Arrogant Techno-Weenies

Who Are Impossible To Reach When You Need Them,

Miss Appointments, And Who Make You Feel Stupid

Because You Don't Understand "Geek Speak!"

Just Say "Enough Is Enough" and Give Us A Call!

We understand your frustrations! When you have problems you need them resolved quickly and professionally! Even better, what if we could detect potential issues before they became problems? We have several options to proactively support your technology, as well as provide you with reactive support when you need it!

Remote Monitoring and Managed Services
The ability to remotely monitor our clients’ “key network elements” places RCO on the leading edge of proactive support. The processes and procedures we've been using for years are now becoming mainstream. Our Sentinel-IT service provides 24×7 remote management with IT service support through proactive status, notification, escalation, and performance reporting for capacity planning and predictive analysis. In many instances we'll have the issue resolved before you even know about it! Give us a call today at (919) 316-3612 to learn how you can have the Ultimate Peace of Mind!

Call or Email
When you call for technical support, anyone in our office can take your call and create a service ticket. When possible, we'll route your call to the proper support engineer so that you may quickly speak directly to someone who can help. Or if you prefer you can send an email. Regardless, we'll make sure you get a quick resolution to your problem.

Immediate Desktop Support
Need more immediate desktop support? With your permission we can directly access your desktop to take care of many issues.

What's My Public IP Address?
To find your system's current IP address.